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How can you tell a good dating site, like Mate1.com, from a bad one? There are many criteria we could use. You could look at membership stats, or overall activity. The site boasts 15 million members and counting, for instance. And it is the most active dating site on the Web!

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Meet Your Needs

Mate1.com is not like those dating sites that claim to use “scientific” algorithms. Frankly, that’s a bunch of bunk. Mate1.com creates matches and makes connections based on what really matters. That’s why the site’s matches are actually designed to last!

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Users Love

There is much that we might say about Mate1.com. We could say that it’s one of the top five dating sites in the world. We could say that it has more than 15 million members—and more all the time! We could say that it is a unique site in a good many ways.

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For folks looking to use the Internet to find someone special, Mate1.com is ideal. And that demographic is growing larger all the time. There was a time when online dating sites had a certain stigma attached. Those days are long gone, however; in fact, it’s hard to even fathom it now. Simply put, our site makes it easy and fun to find love, romance, or casual fun.

The Perfect Way to Meet Your Match

And it’s a site that meets a wide variety of needs. Our site is not a super adult-oriented site, but it’s also not prudish. It treats women well, but is also great for men. Older users find lasting happiness here, but so do younger folks. Simply put, anyone looking for someone special can benefit from the site.

Finding People—for Whatever Purpose!

One thing that sets our service apart is its versatility. Not every dating site can claim this kind of flexibility. But with our site, you can find someone to meet your needs—whatever those needs are!

Perhaps you’re looking for a spouse, for example. Maybe you just want to date. Perhaps you’re looking for casual companionship, or lasting romance. Even those looking for fun or friendship can benefit. Truly, it’s a meeting site that works on many levels.

You’re Not Alone

Of course, one thing you’ll want to know about our site is who uses it. Our site is consistently ranked highly by sources like Nielsen. In fact, it’s ranked as one of the top five mainstream dating sites in the world! The network has more than 15 million members. Tens of thousands join daily.

You’ll never feel like you’re alone with our services. You’ll never feel like your options are limited. There is a world of possibilities out there—and we will help you find them!

The Perks of The Service

Of course, there are plenty of dating sites out there. What are the perks of using this one, in particular? We have already mentioned several of them. We’ve mentioned its consistently high ratings, and large population.

But there are still more reasons to use and to love our service. Here is a quick rundown of just a few of its biggest perks.

  • The Web’s most active dating site! Simply put, more e-mails and IMs are exchanged here than anywhere else. This is a site where things happen. This is a network where meaningful connections are made!
  • The photos are also important! A lot of dating sites seem to encourage the use of professional-grade photos. We always emphasize authenticity in uploaded photos. Members are encouraged to upload as many as twenty images of themselves! They can showcase all their sides—playful, serious, sexy, and more.
  • Easy to browse. In fact, you have many options available to you with just one click. Find out who’s online right now, or who’s new in town. Find out who’s recently viewed your profile.
  • This dating site asks questions that matter. Some dating sites claim to use scientific criteria for matchmaking. Our site simply focuses on what’s important—values, favorites, etc. Matches are made based on the things that are truly important!

Voice Messages Set Our Service Apart

There is one final perk to choosing this site which truly sets it apart. Mate1.com allows users to submit their own voice recordings. This is something nobody else does. And it’s important—because what is more intimate than the sound of someone’s voice?

Using the voice-recording feature is also easy. You just call a toll-free number and leave your message. It’s as simple as that! It’s completely free, and makes it easy to find intimacy and compatibility.

A Dating Site to Meet Your Needs

Obviously, there are a lot of perks to using our services. There are a lot of things that set it apart. And there are a lot of things that make it obvious why the site is so popular! Read on for some success stories and customer reviews!

Mate1.com: Where Connections are Made to Last

Mate1.com is certainly not the only dating site on the Internet. It may, however, prove one of the best. Certainly, it’s one of the top-ranked. It’s also one of the most trafficked.

But what really sets the site apart is its volume of success stories. Simply put, the company founder can tell you all day long that the site works. But hearing it from actual users is another matter entirely. There are plenty of success stories to point to just how effective our services are.

Long-Distance Lovin’!

Here is one example of the site in action. The couple in question is currently involved in long-distance romance. But as you will see, that doesn’t put a damper on their enthusiasm!

“We really do both enjoy our digital romance so much that it makes [the distance] almost bearable. Every day I send her videos, songs, poems and stories in a never-ending crusade to romance her. I love her deeply and would spend every waking moment with her if it were possible.”

The story continues: “We talk about the future. We talk about the past. We talk about us and how lucky we are to have met the way we did. Without your site, would we have met in this lifetime? Probably not and that would be a shame.”

A Simple Story

And here’s an even simpler story of our site in action. This is from a genuine user, remember:

“You know, you spend your life wishing and praying for someone to see you, I mean the real you that you hide from the world, and life has a way of making you feel like it will never happen, but when it does, man oh man, it’s the most incredible feeling in the world. Words definitely cannot express my gratitude for Mate1 being the catalyst that brought our two souls together.”

Unprecedented Success in Matchmaking

The bottom line is that these success stories speak volumes. What they say is that Mate1.com dating service just works. It’s no wonder, then, that so many users are drawn to the Mate1.com online dating site. It’s a dating site where meaningful connections are made everyday. Join Mate1.com to find a meaningful connection of your own!

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